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Posted by Skiffrace on Dec 14, 2007

I am shopping for a new kayak and have been doing research where both of those kayaks are among the contenders. Again, not having owned or paddled them, just based on readings, tech specs, calculations in the FreeShip program etc. here are my thoughts:

- Night Heron (NH) is the overall winner. - NH is faster and more stable - Shearwater (SW) turns better - Both track about the same (quite well) - NH may roll better - NH may be easier to build thanks to puzzle joins (no-brain alignment) - SW is better looking (at least to me :-)

What kayak I have decided on...? Neither. After looking at dozens of S&G models there was not one that met all my requirements. Hence, I will build a SOF (Skin on Frame) kayak. It will be designed just for me - I will not be shoehorned into any builder's template, and the kayak will be as good or in many respects better than any S&G boat (and I hope will give my current Arctic Tern 17 run for the money)

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