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Posted by LeeG on Dec 7, 2007

This is a good example of the float bags used in SEA KAYAKS for FLOTATION instead of bulkheads/hatches used for FLOTATION.

go to "Price List" then read the description "Drawing at Float Bag"

The smaller bow bag is 48"x25" and the larger stern bag is 58"x 27". Even with these larger bags water will flow around them and entrap more water than will be allowed with bulkheads and hatches. I used doubled bags of this type to completely close off the cockpit from the ends of the kayak but eventually in multiple rescues or unsuccessful surf landings where one left the boat and it filled in rough water it's inevitable that water flows into the ends.

To the original poster:

If you want FLOTATION without bulkheads and hatches you have to fill the ENTIRE volume of the ends. Simply putting in a float bag that can float in a flooded compartment won't do it.

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