rude awakening

Posted by Bob Santore on Dec 7, 2007

. . . when it comes, you don't want to lose your boat.

We have a place on the water in a very small town. We know at a glance who it out on the water because we know both the people and their boats. It would seem like a difficult place for anyone to steal something without someone knowing about it.

We often left small craft near our dock and unsecured, including on occasion my Skerry. The areas I'm talking about is in our yard, visible from the water but not from the road. One night this summer in the span of time between an evening bonfire and a morning run someone stole an aluminum Grumman canoe that had been in the family for about 30 years. It simply disappeared, never to be seen again. It was a rude awakening for sure! It's hard to believe that someone could accomplish that while we were all there in the house (as well as having the heartlessness to do so), but I'm just glad we didn't lose a boat I built.

So, I hate to say it, because my tendency is to agree with you Laszlo, and I do agree that most people are honest, and many would intervene if they witnessed someone else doing something wrong. But there are also people that would take advantage of an unsecured boat and you only need to cross paths with one of them to end up heartbroken.

- Bob

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