Re: locking the kayak

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 4, 2007

A determined thief will take only seconds to cut through most cables and padlock hasps. That said, I epoxied a u-bolt onto the deck of my kayak, U pointing up. It was bolted to the underside of the deck them epoxied into place using thickened epoxy. I bought one of those tough-to-cut bicycle cables and I cable lock the kayak to my roof rack. The roof rack is not lockable but you need the proper hex-wrench to remove it from the roof of my car. Hope this helps...I know it ain't what you wanna hear. You could custom build your own J-cradles and build in a locking mechanism that combines swing arms that wrap around the kayak and allows a pad lock to keep it all together. Got some time to do some design work?

In Response to: locking the kayak by chris on Dec 4, 2007