Re: locking the kayak

Posted by Dave Gentry on Dec 4, 2007

If you have wooden hip braces, then you could just thread a cable around one of them.

I installed a "hardpoint" for just this purpose, in one of the skin-on-frame kayaks I've built. Here's a pic. I just run a cable around the roof rack, or a tree, and lock it to the hardpoint.

I've also taken the fiber core out of the lines for the bow and stern handles, and replaced them with stainless steel cable. This only works if you have a good endpour (or something equally sturdy) that they go through. And, obviously, it isn't so good for locking the boat to the car, since it's way out on the ends. It works well for locking it up on the back deck of my place, though.

Good luck!

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