Posted by Dave Gentry on Dec 3, 2007

For the all bright hull, yes. If I was painting the hull, I'd probably stitch it together, merely because it is easier to fiddle with that way. I don't think tabbing the hull together with glue is a one way ride, btw. I daresay a razor knife would make short work of a CA or hot-melt glue tab, if necessary. In any case, one can (within reason) twist a hull around until it's true, even if it's already been tabbed together. Of course, one must then find a way to clamp it in position before filleting it all together. Don't ask me how I know this!

Hmmm, I've never stitched in a bulkhead. I just cut them to fit, then fillet them in. Did I mention I don't like little holes in my boat?

Also, note that I, too, learned about stitchless construction on the internet. I certainly haven't perfected it, either!


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