Well now

Posted by Dave Gentry on Dec 3, 2007

Stitchless stitch and glue is a time honored and not uncommon method of building a kayak, despite what some here seem to believe. Personally, I've done it on every kayak I've built, excepting that first one. And I didn't do it, at all, to avoid having left over bits of wire in my fillets (I'd just tab and remove, in that case). I went stitchless because I didn't want myriad little holes showing up on my nice varnished hulls! That's just a personal preference of mine.

I used tape to hold the panels together. It does take a good bit, but I buy it for a buck a roll at the dollar store. It doesn't take more than a roll or so, anyway. A lot of work? Tedious? Perhaps, but not more so than drilling and wiring all those tiny holes! In my case, I use clear packing tape, but I suspect other types will work just fine. Where there is a problem getting enough pressure to hold bits together, I just tab those spots with my hot-melt glue gun.

Yes, wires are easier to work with when truing the hull. Oh well. I still prefer not having allllll those little holes showing. But that's just me.

Regardless, the point is that you don't need to stitch the hull together if you'd prefer not to.

In Response to: Stitchless S&G technique by skiffrace on Dec 3, 2007