Deck glass procedures?

Posted by Jeff on Dec 3, 2007

Looking for thoughts/options around using the rub rail as a clamp when installing the deck glass.

I would like to avoid rounding over the deck edge where it meets the sheer and seeing the ply’s that make up the deck (this would also mean that I have to lower the attachment point of the rub rail – and would make those ply’s visible).

Option 1 Can I glass the deck and then use the rub rail as a clamp to get a 90 degree turn from the deck edge to the sheer panel? This would leave the rub rail un-glassed (which is ok), but should give me a good 90 degree glassed joint to hold the deck on to the sheer

Option 2 Install the rub rail first and round the deck glass over the rub rail and trim the glass when partially setup right under the rub rail. Which would add to the strength of the rub rail.

Anyone tried either of these options? Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thanks, Jeff