Re: Clc 16 San O

Posted by James Abell on Dec 1, 2007

Ok, thanks George, that makes me feel less dissapointed about the breaks, all two of them the snapped parts were in the box, and the other one was still joined but with a crack.

Did you pursue the damages with your delivery company? I certainly will, it looks as if it had been carried by the binding straps and dug into the goods.

Sure sounds good about the peformance, that is why I bought it. I know someone who paddled an old design one and he said even that one was fine. I also had good advice from Larry Froley as well.

There isnt a scene here and no one really paddles apart from a few people including myself, so I guess this will be the only San O in Scotland perhaps.....

It would be good to know if there are any others out there....

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