Re: Fast sea kayak

Posted by Charlie on Dec 1, 2007

Theoretical hull speed for displacent hulls is calculated to be 1.34 time the square root of the waterline. Once you reach hull speed the boat tries to climb it's bow wave and you wind up paddling/rowing uphill. If there was some magic way to climb up on top and plane you, supposedly, could go faster. You could benefit from less wetted surface. Tough to do because you want more waterline length. Going narrower seems the only way out if that is practical. Or you could re-engineer yourself. Get yourself something that paddles like a sodden log, wear a heart monitor so you don't expire and spend endless hours trying to make it go fast. A nice 9Ż ft. Old Town "Otter" would do nicely. And they are ususally on sale for only $299.

More waterline length

In Response to: Fast sea kayak by skiffrace on Nov 28, 2007