Re: Clc 16 San O

Posted by George K on Dec 1, 2007


I haven't built the 16 but I've built both versions of the 14, low and high volume. Fun boats to build. The finger joint repairs will work fine. I've had similar opportunities on puzzle joints that were broken off in shipping. One of them I was able to find the broken part in the box, the other I had to make and scarf on the panel. After they're glued up and a piece of 4 oz cloth applied over the joint there isn't any discernable loss of strength. And the 4 oz cloth doesn't cause any flattening of the panels at a bend. That will be espicially true in the slight bending of the sides on the San O.

I don't know if you or any of your buddies have ever paddled a San O but you're going to be very happy with the speed and stability. I raced a couple of my friends in my West River 18, one was on a Bark's 17' and the other on the San O 14. Pretty much a dead even race for them and I was having to paddle at 90% to stay even with them.

Happy building!

George K

In Response to: Clc 16 San O by James Abell on Nov 29, 2007