Re: glassing inside kayak

Posted by LeeG on Nov 29, 2007

Weight is kind of irrelevant, is it built for your usage?

The original CapeCharles/Patuxents only had tape on the chines and keel. And waterstaining cracks were common in the cockpit. The Chesapeake design has glass cloth in the cockpit but not the compartments.

My $.02 is to glass the cockpit and two feet aft behind the bulkhead and one and a half feet forward of the forward compartment.

The area one foot behind the bulkhead will get as much stress as the glassed area under your legs when getting in/out at shore if the boat is sitting on a rock behind the bulkhead.

You really don't need to run glass up the sides.

When you sand the two seal coats you don't have to go down to the wood, just score it up and smooth it out if there's any rough spots. Also this is a good way to take down the crinkly selvaged edge so the cloth can lay neatly into the chines.

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