Re: Kayak workouts

Posted by Camper on Nov 29, 2007

Once you've maximized the "engine" and the hull, the only thing left to wring more speed out is to use the fastest type of paddle. What is that?

It's a trick question, but if you happened to see a web article a while back about making a REALLY fast kayak (using hydorfoils) you will know the answer.

Winning answer will be drawn from all correct answers posted before the snows fall. Employees of this station, their families, and Canadians are not eligible. (It's not fair, that last part, but I'm just ticked about this dollar thing. It's just not right that a looney should be worth more than an honest US buck, and if they were really good neighbors they would have done something to stop it). Prize is a week's supply of Certified previously-owned 60 grit sandpaper, still fresh, especially near the corners.

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