Clc 16 San O

Posted by James Abell on Nov 29, 2007

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has made the San O 16 here, I am just about to embark on building.

Unfortunately, I received it with some minor damage from the shipping company, it came to Scotland.

1 finger joint on one of the top panels snapped and 1 on a bottom panel when I opened it to check. Looked like it had been thrown around by the deliverer, I will make a claim.

Anyhow, clc advised me that it should be ok as I can mend the finger joints and the epoxy glassing should take away any structural error. I will still claim though.

I am also in a cold winter climate, if anyone shares a similar experience on how much heating (hope not too much due to bills!) I really have to do when glassing.

I didnt get the epoxy shipped due to import restrictions so I am lucky to be able to choose some fast cure.

Any help would be great, thanks,

James Abell

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