Ches 16 or 16LT???

Posted by Joe M on Nov 28, 2007

Looking to 'hear' honest opinions for the best model to choose to build.

I am 5'5", 8 1/2 shoe, 155 pounds, possibly could top out as high as 160 pounds by Spring since 3 months ago I have finally given up smoking (long overdue).

My dimensions would indicate I choose the 16LT but I am a little over the recommended weight for this model. I wouldn't want a boat that squatted too low in the water with already lower sides than the regular 16 model.

Looking at only weight, I should go with a Ches 16 but the volume is for a bigger person.

Sort of going back and forth here between which model to choose but leaning towards the LT. I start going stir crazy once second-guessing myself begins.

The reason this is so important to me to get a really good fit is my last kayak was a plastic Aquatera Sea Lion. 17 1/2 feet long, not a problem there but it had a high volume cockpit...I had no clue what I was buying at the time. Anyway, I was lost in that huge cockpit. It was absolutely a very bad fit for me, even though I had some great days working out with it.

So, overall the 16LT seems a better fit, except I am over a little bit on the recommended weight. I am hoping this won't be a problem and may help that I travel very lightly, hardly any gear at all, going out to paddle for less than half a day at a time.

Anyway, now is the time for me to ask what you all think, everyone's opinion matters to me being opened minded.