Re: sass-14->15

Posted by David Warren on Nov 21, 2007

I guess my response statrts hereabouts: Don't get a canoe if you are seeking to maximise 'hull speed'.

Canoes are for going the distance, all day, for two weeks, with a barrel of flour and half a cow in the scuppers. Their point is to be easily driven, for weeks, over long distances. Top speed isn't a factor. My Sass' 16 glides effortlessly, full of camping gear or kids, all day. But, a racer she ain't meant to be.

That said, I can't see any reason why you couldn't stretch her out a foot or so, by lengtening the 'stations' as you suggest. One thing to consider though: The S16 is made of 6mm, while the S14 is made of 4mm ply. You have to choose (or combine eg 6mm garboards and 4mm uppers). Probably comes down to practical stuff like rough water, rocky shores, whether you transport your bear dead or merely wounded, and what you are prepared to portage.

Only my opinions, and I'm an idjit. .

In Response to: sass-14->15 by theo on Nov 19, 2007