Re: Alternate Cockpit coa

Posted by LeeG on Nov 13, 2007

Just do it, cut out a template for the prefered coaming shape. Cut it in half and make a pile of 6mm(1/4") ply for the coaming stack(three layers,18mm) . Keep the existing aft edge placement for the coaming with the deckbeams moved forward appropriately. Or better yet make the deck beams temporary with one strip of 4mm underneath. Using midsection bulkheads to close off the middle cockpit for waterproof storage with neoprone cockpit cover and hard cover. Use 4mm instead of 6mm for bulkheads to save weight.

But if you're going to all that trouble why not customize further?

The double/triple is a VERY HIGH volume kayak, you could cut the side panels down an inch without practical loss of capacity or foot room. Most folks found the standard Chesapeakes to be too deep, the double/triple is deeper still. Before gluing on sheerclamps you'd trace a long shallow arc from bow to stern cutting down the sheer an inch at the midsection and stern.

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