Re: Fiberglass tape

Posted by LeeG on Nov 13, 2007

If you're going to the trouble of cutting tape edges why not eliminate it altogether or use bias cut strips of 6oz glass cloth?

Ditto other suggestions to scrape the tape while the epoxy is 'green'. You can get a rounded scraper from the hardware store, looks a little like a deardrop shape and does a fine job of taking down the edge. Personally I think 9oz 3" tape is abominable for making neat joints and is redundant when cloth is applied on the interior of a glued up hull. Why not simply use 6oz cloth over the bottom panels and 2" up the side panels, totally eliminating 35' of 9oz tape. Until someone does actual destructive testing I bet it's adequate. An unglassed interior compartment panel is more vulnerable to damage than an angled chine joint with 6oz glass over both sides.

Glass tape makes sense for hull panels using pre-glassed interiors or interior deck/hull joints. The 3" 9oz tape is overkill.

In Response to: Fiberglass tape by Mark on Nov 12, 2007