Re: MC16

Posted by Doug Arndt on Nov 12, 2007

Tom, my brother and I are in the middle of a pair of MC16's, one has been decked. If (when) I would do this again, I would consider glassing the cockpit, mostly because the tape leaves major bumps. Also, I would set up as per plans, then tack filet the seams between the wires, then remove the wires AND the hanging knees, to filet the seams. Then glass the cockpit. I found the angle changes at the seams and with the wires you end up with a very wide fillet on part of it. Not an issue I guess if you paint. Still, i think filet and glass would be easiest. (Haven't done this, so maybe someone else might offer better experience)

In Response to: MC16 by Tom P on Nov 11, 2007