Re: S&G Night Heron

Posted by James Eager on Nov 9, 2007

This is a bit off topic but, I had the good fotune of joining Nick (Night Heron designer)on a paddle this past weekend...after the big storm. The photos like the one posted above are beatiful but dont quite convey how big some of these waves look when sitting a kayak. A number of boats endovered...rolled the long way that is. I managed to catch a few nice rides in the shearwater but avoided the really big dumping foam piles and such (not quite ready for those). The Shearwater handled great in the big surf by the way.

These are some rough conditions and there are rocks around so one can understand the use of glass inside the cockpit, plus...this guy spends a lot of time in his boats....

Question, how light is light? My boat came out in the low 40s with out striving for low weight, people who paddle those British Sea Kayaks always comment on how light it is when they pick it up.

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