Laser etching on coaming

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Nov 8, 2007

I have a neighbor who has a laser and does custom laser work on wood. I had him laser in my name, date, etc.. on my coaming. The depth is maybe a 1/32 of and inch and will get filled with epoxy. Just thought you guys might like to see what it looks like. He did the text just a bit bigger than I wanted. He also forgot to put the CLC logon on for me. Anyway just glad I got it back so I can install the coaming. I want it in the water soon. We got 1/2" of snow last night so time is running out for getting it in the water.

Also here is a link to see just how much detail he can do. He made an enlarged copy of my business card etched into birdseye maple. The detail is incredible. One the bottom corners I made little card holders to hold my business cards. Here is a link just incase the photo doesn't work.


Custom laser Etching