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Posted by Laszlo on Nov 6, 2007


I built a 16LT from the kit and didn't need to do any real shaping on the wood, so I used something less than a dozen of the #80.

The real workhorse for me was the #220. I ended up using probably 100 or so discs, most during the filling & finishing process. I bulk ordered a few hundred discs (was finishing 3 boats at once) from a company on the internet, so the quality and price was much better than what I would have gotten at the big box DYI stores.

As Bob (and the CLC Shop Tips) say, I changed the paper frequently. I could have gotten away with quite a bit fewer if I'd been neater in my initial application of epoxy. So if you want to save time, money, epoxy and sandpaper, be neat.

If you do end up with a bunch of spare paper, store them in low humidity conditions - they'll last longer and cut better.


CLC Shop Tips - Sanding

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