Re: mini shop vac

Posted by John Beck on Nov 4, 2007

Mark, I bought a Fein Turbo I Vac (9-11-55) and love it. Its footprint is about 14" in diameter and about 20" tall. The hose is very long and does not kink and will not crush if you step on it. It also has an outlet to plug your sander into so when you turn off the sander the the vacuum will turn off after about a 2 second delay. It is a wet/dry vac. There are 3 different filetering modes for dry. The standard method where the canister fills with debris which is fine for most applications. You can buy a filter bag adapter to allow for a typical bag collection which catches most of the dust. I use this during boat finishing activities to cut down on the fine dust. You can also get a HEPA filter to remove dust down to 0.3 microns which is overkill. It's not cheap $229, but it's great. See link below.


fein turbo I vac

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