Re: wood duck 12 transom

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 30, 2007


While I appreciate the compliment, I think that the manual images are actually fine. After all, they're what I used to get as far as I have on my Duck. That image I posted may have been helpful (and I'm glad it was), but it's nowhere near good enough technically to use in the manual. If it was converted to black & white printer's dots it'd be unreadable.

I think that the real answer is what we've got here with the forum. Builders with questions can post here and other builders can help them out. In the meantime, CLC does not have to spend money on glossy color manuals and they can pass the savings along to us customers (or use them to pay the power bill for that snazzy CNC router of theirs). Either way, this forum with its free, unfettered communications between builders and between builders & CLC is a lot better answer than trying to turn me into a professional photographer.


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