Re: bending the wood duck

Posted by Phil on Oct 29, 2007

I was one of the first to build a wood duck 10. My first attempt at bringing the bow together was a disaster. The panel snapped and CLC was kind enough to replace it. I live close to Annapolis so it was easy to visit them. I was very careful with my second go and came up with the idea to spray the panel lightly with water. John Harris of CLC thought it would work so I tried it. After wetting it came together nicely. Initially I was concerned about water stains but light sanding was all that was required. Another suggestion is to use a heavier wire to crank the sections together. I used 18 gage copper and it worked great. Good luck to everyone. The wood duck is a fun boat.

In Response to: bending the wood duck by chris on Oct 25, 2007