Re: bending the wood duck

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 28, 2007


You're in good company. Even the one built by Eric Schade himself had imperfections. On page 22 of the manual, bottom picture, look at the size of the gap between the sides & bottom at the bow. It's still visible in the finished version in the picture below from CLC. On page 17, bottom picture, note the underbite where the bottom sticks out in front of the sides and how the sides do not sit perfectly on the bottom even with the clamp squeezing the bow closed.

My point is, even the designer/builder had some bumps in the road, but thanks to the magic of stitch and glue and epoxy, they can all be fixed with a sander and epoxy/woodflour putty. If it gets really bad, think of what a nice paint job like David's could hide.

Don't get discouraged, it'll still be a very nice boat,


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