Posted by Laszlo on Oct 28, 2007

Have you ever thought about robotic kayaks? :-)

Seriously, while I was putting together the 16LT, at on point it occurred to me that if I strengthened the bottom I could put a set of batteries and some motors in it - main propulsion and maneuvering thrusters plus rudder control. Then, instead of the trademark Chessie deck, a low-profile deck which followed the sheer line. Finally, a conning tower sort of thing where the cockpit keyhole normally is with the cameras, and the antennas (GPS & digital data link).

There would have been through-hull fittings for the rudder and propellor shafts, as well as the depthfinder and the below-waterline cameras.

Not sure what this would have been good for. Maybe chasing jet skis?

Have fun with your roboticists. What grade level are they, high school?


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