Re: Crazy to use ebay epo

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 24, 2007


I never meant to imply that there wasn't a place for the less-than-premium epoxies. After all, a lightweight kayak doesn't need the strength of an ocean-going Volvo Racer. There's nothing wrong with using a quality level that matches the builder's requirements. Using premium when ordinary fulfills all the requirements is a waste of money. That's what I meant by "is the quality of what you're willing to pay for good enough for what you want from your boat?" In your case it was. My point was just that buyers should beware if the price was too good to be true and that builders should carefully choose their materials rather than being led astray by false economy. Obviously you're savvy enough to make an intelligent decision. I was more concerned with the first timers who've never had any experience with epoxies.

The amount of dilution for various epoxies is something I spotted in a print article several years ago comparing different brands. It correlated directly with the prices at that time. I'll see if I can find the reference again. The relative strength of various dilutions is caused by the difference in the number of molecules available for cross-linking.

So how's your boats coming? I remember seeing a picture of your older daughter enjoying one but you and the younger one were still in the Mill Creek. Were you able to get back to work on them?


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