Re: Crazy to use ebay epo

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 23, 2007

The main truth I've seen about epoxies is that you get what you pay for. As Charlie points out, they all start with the same basic ingredients which they all have to buy in bulk from the same one or two suppliers. So the only way to control prices is by dilution or reducing overhead.

The expensive epoxies are less diluted, so they produce stronger bonds. Overhead costs include things like quality assurance and research and development, both of which have good benefits for the customers.

So the question becomes, is the quality of what you're willing to pay for good enough for what you want from your boat? Or do you need to wait a while until you've saved up enough for the quality you need. Those are questions each builder needs to work out for themselves.


In Response to: Crazy to use ebay epoxy? by David S. on Oct 22, 2007