Re: End pours done!

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Oct 23, 2007

Getting close to putting it in the water. My neighbor has a laser business and is etching in my name, year, and CLC emblem on the on the coaming. As soon as he gets finished with that I can install it and then I may put it in the water once. Ideally I would like to get the varnish on the deck and white paint on the hull. That way after I take it for a quick spin I can put it in the basement and rig it before it goes into storage for the winter not having to worry about painting it in the spring. Temp here this morning was 31 degrees!!! Highs in the 50's all week. I figure I have about 3-4 weeks before I see snow for the first time. We have a lot of lakes and rivers around here. Most rivers have dams so its nice paddling water.

My goal with this build was to get it in the water before the snow will be close!


P.S. Next summer I might take it out on the great lakes. I live only 1 hr from Lake Michigan and 1 1/2 from Lake Superior.

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