Clarification on joint

Posted by Topher on Oct 22, 2007

Dean, Charlie and Jim, Thank you for the input, much appreciated. The adhesive that the Peace Canoe uses is a 3M product, 5200 I think, that is used for through-hull fittings. This makes the whole process much quicker, and in general more forgiving for the novice, especially one with two little kids that like to "help". The stuff sets up in about a day, so I am well past the "still curing" stage. I am a bit reluctant to peel the whole sheer clamp off and start over, I do think that adding a second sheer clamp to both sides may be my best bet. Thanks again for all of the input, this boat building community is very generous with its guidance. Cheers! Topher Sacramento, CA

In Response to: Split scarf joint, help! by Topher on Oct 21, 2007