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Posted by jeffrey wong on Oct 21, 2007


Judging by my response so late after your query, I suspect few builders tilt toward racing. I have never seen the tiller installed in a regular sea kayak. I've surfed the web a bit looking for that kind of gear. I don't know how it'll work with footpedal adjustments. If you find it, I hope you'll let us know the source for that gear. I would prefer having a K1 style rudder control with feet closer together than the standard today in almost all kayaks which puts feet 15-20 inches apart. Traditional kayaks do not support this illogical placement. They couldn't, because the Inuits built their boats far less beamy, usually less than 20 inches wide. The lone exception in today's kayak makers that I know of, Epic, makes their kayaks with a foot brace that spans the width of the kayak and rudder control pedals above the brace--think surf ski.

I have raced a Pygmy Coho without rudder several times this year. During one race the keepers plastic footpedal deformed enough to fall off the rail. I replaced them with seemingly sturdier Sea Dogs, but they have no grip to keep feet from sliding off during a firm push/pull, firm evidence that my feet like the center.

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