Re: Shearwater builders

Posted by John Beck on Oct 20, 2007

David, I built a hybrid and don't recall using any machine screws (small bolts). Wood screws with finish washers are driven through the deck into the shear clamps and they do not protrude through the shear clamp. Flat washers and nuts are for machine screws, not wood screws.

Silicon bronze "oval head" look better than flat head, and use silicon bronze finish washers as well. With age, silicon bronze forms a petina brown/green colored coating.

Since you bought the wood parts only, I'd be interested to hear if you actually saved any money by buying all the other stuff yourself. Unless you have fiberglass, epoxy and hardware already on-hand, I doubt it.

Good luck John

In Response to: Shearwater builders by David S. on Oct 19, 2007