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Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Oct 18, 2007

Glad you like the pictures. I have been documenting the entire build with photos. I do this with most of my projects because people always ask, how did you build it? I installed the rear hatch spacer pieces. I cut them big and will trim them flush with the cutout this afternoon. Tonight I plan to epoxy in the hatch sill. The next day start on the front hatch spacers. I only have enough clamps to do one at a time.

As far as epoxy I originally had 3 quarts as the plans called out and was running low because I put a full layer of 6 oz on the hull and inside the cockpit. (The Cape Charles originally had fiberglass tape on the seams and no cloth). I ordered another 3 quarts knowing I'm probaby going to be building a kayak for my 7 year old daughter the extra would get me started. I'm using the epoxy by RAKA. They have a no blush 350 hardener and the prices were the lowest I could find. (3 qt kit $59, 1 1/2 Gal kit $98) MAS is $160 for a 1 1/2 gal kit. A lot of guys who build strip kayaks have been using it also. I really like the results. Plus I have other plans for the $60 I saved.


P.S. The link I posted will have daily pictures uploaded as I make progress.

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