Re: Cutting Hatch opening

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Oct 17, 2007


I just got your reply and that's exactly what I did. I made the sides of the hatches match the angle of the hull. I didn't want to make it square so you could put it on backwards. I used tape to mark it all off. Used a 1/16 dia drill bit to make a starter slot for the blade. I have a variable speed jig saw so I was able to have the blade move so slow it was like cutting the opening by hand. The cut came out great! I then flipped over the kayak and put another light coat of epoxy on the hull to start filling the weave. Tonight I plan to install the sills on the hatches. My varnish and paint arrived yesterday, so I'm getting close to getting this thing in the water before the snow flies! Thanks for your help guys!

I took pictures of most of the steps and can be seen at the link below

Cutting Hatches

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