K1 style rudder control

Posted by Darren on Oct 17, 2007


I am thinking about what footbraces to use in my CLC 17 (and potentially others). I know the most common approach is metal/plastic adjustable foot braces on the outside of the hull with toe/foot rudder control.

has anyone looked at using a K1 / racing style rudder control in a sea kayak? This is the 'bar and pivot' type where a bar protrudes past solid footbraces, and is turned using the toes. In K1's it's because the feet are used to brace when paddling, and hulls are narrower with feet close together.

I know sea kayaks are generally paddled with the feet spread out,, but if not, is this a practical type of rudder control? Sorry i don't have any pics, if my description isn't clear I can try to post some.

Just interested in thoughts...

Thanks, Darren