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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 15, 2007

The issue at hand is holidays. I have two days remaining for this year and can't bank them for 2008, so I godda use them. I am tentatively planning to be in Houston on Dec 14 if I can book a red eye from Edmonton. The 14th and 15th are gonna be dedicated to visiting my friend in Katy. She'll drive me to Galveston to where ever Tony and Kurt say I should go. That said, where am I gonna stay?

Heading back home on the evening of Dec 17th or 18th, so I am hoping to spend Dec 16th and 17th in Galveston drinking Tony's brew with Kurt while Tony watches in astonishment as his wallet loses greenback "pounds". Heck, with the valuable Canabuck, maybe I'll buy the beer this time around, should be way less expensive than here. I think it's over $20/12 here.

The main hitch I have in this plan is landing my passport in time. The application is in and the wait is three weeks (that's the theory I have heard) so I should have the flight(s) booked some time next week.

Robert N Pruden

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