Posted by theo on Oct 15, 2007

UH...YEAH! I, like most of us males have mates who be boss of abode particularly of the upper floor(s) and any other room that has a door not wide enough to swallow an SUV, aka carhole/garage (of which I have none). I gotta measure up my basement windows, see if they can birth a ches18 as yours did the MC16.5. (that's what came to mind seeing photos of MC comin' out of basement window-take a deep breath and- well, let's not get carried away) Big question is, does MAS epoxy release any toxins into the air as it cures? Either your dog gets banished from the build space as you lay glass/resin (almost certain as you wouldn't want pooch to get sticky nose or uncomb-able fur/hair or find said family member glued to floor) or canine knows better and stays put in pooch palace and is immune to resins(?) or resins don't throw toxins into air. We have 2 birds, wife's pets via daughter and they, like mine canaries are first to feel, die of, toxins in air as their metabolism, breathing rate, is higher, faster than humans. I don't wanna find out that way about epoxy generated toxins.

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