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Posted by Laszlo on Oct 12, 2007


Yes, we always take pliers with us when fishing - long needle nose for getting stuck hooks out of fish, combination pliers for skinning the fish after they're deceased and 2 kinds of cutters (diagonal & flush) to get hooks out of us, cut line, etc. Yep, fillets rolled in corn meal and fried in butter are hard to beat.


They aren't my crabcakes. They're served at the Edgewater Restaurant up the road from Camp Letts (home of Okoumefest). I have nothing to do with cooking them, I just get out-of-towners addicted to them. Sorry.

Dr. Kayak,

Sounds like Pruden(t) advice, except he then posted a reply. Maybe he's trying to live a secret life. Oddly enough, the solution we came up with for next time is a barrier - just a piece of foam or something jammed back where the catfish was to keep them from getting into the narrow wedge space. We'll think about the ceiling light, thanks.


Other than abundant alliteration, there wouldn't have been anything really bad about a permanently post-posterior position perched pickerel, would there? The bad smell would have been behind you and it would have attracted lots of catfish.

Ralph, yes we did (yum), Lee, the cats would have reminded us :-)


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