Re: I got a few answers..

Posted by Jim E on Oct 11, 2007

It's not really a question of whether the strength is in the wood or the glass/epoxy. If the wood is glassed on both sides, it's a composite. A lightweight shear-resistant core separates two high modulus outer layers. The result is a stiff panel with some bash-resistance. The strip boats coming out a bit lighter makes sense because (a) Cedar is lighter by volume than okoume plywood. (b) The rounded hulls typical of strip construction have less surface area than S&G designs, (c) There are no fillets or sheerclamps in strip boats. As was pointed out, a few pounds here or there make little difference on the water. Portages are another matter!

A parting thought: A strip boat takes longer to build than a S&G, by a few tens of hours. So the lightest option might be S&G, provided the balance of the time is spent jogging ;-)

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