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Posted by Chris J. on Oct 8, 2007

Tom...the Mill Creek 16.5 is a great winter project. Your lack of woodworking experience should not hinder...just read the manual, plan each step and don't think of the project as work but as a creation...any mistakes are usually easy to correct. The only tricky step for a novice might be laying the cloth...just make sure you have some extra hands to help out that day . The Mill Creek panels stitch together very easily with less bending (don't say torture!) that the Chesapeakes and the coaming installation is very basic.

I've built three kayaks and my Mill Creek was my latest and least complicated.

I would suggest that you consider removing the stitches before you fillet the seams. You'll find that you get much smaller and neater fillets...but I'm probably getting ahead of myself...

I would strongly suggest that anyone contemplating a build, first purchase and read "Kayaks You Can Build" (see link below)...It's a beautifully illustrated book that walks you through every facet of kayak building including a whole section on building a beautiful Mill Creek. The authors lay out every hint and suggestion one needs to create a work of art while avoiding the pitfalls where a new builder may stumble. It's a must read.

Welcome aboard!


Kayaks You Can Build

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