I wouldn't use Thompsons

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 1, 2007

Thompson's would compromise any epoxy/wood bonds just as soon as it (Thompson's) penetrated the wood, so any pin holes that you missed would invite trouble that you do not want. It has waxes in the solent, including amines.

If you are worried about pin holes, squeegee a very thin layer of epoxy over your kayak paying particular attention to all seams. The epoxy should fill the holes if there are any. You can do this inside the kayak along the seams as well without adding more weight than a couple of ounces.

70 miles isn't very far to paddle. Unless you are paddling at olympian rates and expect to be on the wire with other competitors, I wouldn't worry too much about weight. If you lost a couple of pounds that would make up for any excess weight from the epoxy that you would use to ensure that your Pax is watertight.

I gather that this race is on a river. You would do well to study the river's currents...that information alone could give you the edge you need to win the gold medal. I should know ... my understanding of the river currents on the North Saskachewan River is exactly the bit of infomation that allowed me to win the gold medal during the River Marathon event during the World Masters Games in 2005. The lead paddler in my age group erred at one curve of the river and tried to correct his error. The time he took to make this course correction allowed me to shoot ahead of him and stay in front until I crossed the line.

Robert N Pruden

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