Re: Fabricland?canvas?

Posted by Chris J. on Sep 24, 2007

The cover the the MC as well as the Cockpit covers for both the CH 16's were made with the waterproof cotton. In navy for the MC cover and the cockpit covers and the covers for the happy bottom seat pads on the 16's in black. It was very easy to sew and were we surprised that it was so waterproof. The tornadoes that passed over us on our way home and the torrential downpours had us worried about how much water we would find in the MC had us worried( cockpit that large filled with 2 or 3 inches of rain- we were thinking the roof would collapse with all that weight. Got home and checked and not one drop!). I think for next year I might make some happy bottom pads for the MC and cover them with the waterproof canvas and add some velcro straps to keep the in place for the seats and the sides. If all goes well we might be so comfy we may never get out of the kayak.

Chris did a fantastic job on construction. The interior is perfect. Good luck on your projects!



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