Re: Gel coat repairs

Posted by BobE on Sep 21, 2007

It depends on a bunch of factors. I�ve not touched a molded glass kayak, but I have repaired sailplanes and metal flake bass boats. For a complete make over, you could be in for a ton of sanding, gel-coating, more sanding, more gel-coat, etc. Do you know the manufacturer of the current gel-coat? Did it crack from use, abuse, age, too much styrene when it went in the mold?

Have you ever sprayed a heavy bodied gel-coat? There are a bunch of different types. Some spray easier than others. Many require the addition of wax in the mix for the top coat.

Wouldn�t it be more fun to be out in your CLC boats?

In Response to: Gel coat repairs by Larry Roberts on Sep 21, 2007