identify source of leak

Posted by LeeG on Sep 20, 2007

none of the photos indicate the source of the leak but do indicate inadequate sealing coats, like the stain outside the cockpit where no steaming is likely.

2liters is a lot, are you sure it's from outside and not leaked water bottles?

In order for a leak to come through the hull you'd have to have no goop in the ends and a crack through the stern where the panels meet. Which doesn't seem likely.

The other suspect is the integrity of the hatch seal. 2liters is enough to see the leak come though drip by drop with a leak test.

YOu're in Lake Powell,,airs dry but HOT so any water in the compartments will steam through without thick seal coats. I'd suggest taking the hatches off EVERYTIME you are off the water.

In Response to: leaky boat by Emily on Sep 19, 2007