for a satin finish

Posted by Charlie Jones on Sep 19, 2007

get a container of UNSCENTED baby powder. Mix a bit of that in, depending on how much varnish you pour out. If you are using say a yogurt cup full of varnish, then use a tablespoon full of baby powder. baby p[owder is talc, which is exactly what is used to make satin varnishes. You may have to add a bit more, or a bit less, depending on HOW satin you want it.

Stir it up well and brush or roll it on just like regular- keep it stirred occasionally.

That's how we knock down gloss in the furniture refinishing trade by the way. Works for varnishes also, quite well.

Don't add it to the primary can of varnish of course.

Also be advised- you will lose a certain amount of UV screening doing this, but inside a cockpit I wouldn't worry about it. I always use a semi gloss or satin inside the cockpits anyway.

In Response to: Varnishing Cockpit by Chris J. on Sep 19, 2007