Re: filling staple holes

Posted by John Beck on Sep 18, 2007

Jeremy, I'm going to disagree with Theo on this one since my experience tells me that the epoxy won't fill the holes, particularly on any non-horizontal surface. Since you're painting, now is the time to make your hull perfect. Expecting the neat epoxy to magically smooth the surface under the fiberglass is false hope, and makes for more difficult correction of the uderlying problem.

I use West System Micro-light which sands super easy so you don't risk oversanding the surrounding wood while sanding down the denser filler concoction. Since I paint the bottom and topsides I fill every little ding, dent, scratch, and hole including all the seams. I do agree with Theo on painted hulls enhancing the hull shape, but it also magnifies any unfair surface. Microlight works well for this since it is essentially boat bondo so you can blend the bottom/topside transitions near the bow and stern.

Fill the holes now, you'll feel better when the boat is done.


In Response to: Re: filling staple holes by theo on Sep 17, 2007