Re: Can I eliminate hatch

Posted by LeeG on Sep 16, 2007

Re. deck weakening from airtight decks. Probably not with glassed 4mm deck but I'd wonder if the enclosed volume was especially large. The first demo Pax20, the one built after I built the very first 20'x20" version, had a dime sized hole implode just forward of the bulkhead in the front compartment. I don't recall if it was glassed or not. It's on the Pax20 page, the one without the mahogany kingplank down the middle. It was taken out of a 72degree shop space, left outside in the sun for a couple hours, put into the water and paddled for 10minutes then sounded like a fire cracker in a bass drum out on the water. Back at shore we found a dime sized hole sucked in a bit forward of the front bulkhead.

I'd put a 1/16" hole in the bulkhead.

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