Depends on the design

Posted by Laszlo on Sep 13, 2007

Some boats are designed such that they count on that extra layer of glass. Taking it out will cause structural weakness and possibly failure. Be absolutely sure that the particular boat you are working on is not one of them.

The easiest way is to check the plans or to ask the designer. If the plans don't say or the designer is no longer available to help, here's some clues:

1. If the specified tape is biaxial and the cloth is woven, don't skip the tape. The same weight of biax is usually 50% stronger than woven.

2. If the specified tape is substantially heavier than the cloth, don't skip the tape.

3. If the seam is taped inside and out, don't skip the tape.

4. If 1, 2 & 3 are used together, definitely don't skip the tape. This is the hallmark of a composite beam structure.

Doing filleting & glassing at the same time is known in the trade as working wet on wet and is the standard way for professional layups to be done. It takes a bit more skill, so initially it may be more difficult, but it saves epoxy and labor when it's done right.

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