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Posted by Laszlo on Sep 6, 2007

Hey Mac,

The SIS sponsons do just about as good a job as the Duck's lower CG. I was able to do an unassisted wet re-entry into both of them on my first try (no paddles, no floats & no rigging). The only noticeable difference was that the SIS tilted only ever so slightly more than the Duck.

According to the picture posted by the CLC staff, I was at hull speed when I made that reading. The picture showed a single wave along the Duck's waterline. Others may be able to paddle it at that speed with a lot less effort than I did, but it pretty much maxed out on speed there.

No forward bulkhead. I'm going for an internal bungee-restrained flush hatch. I've mentioned to CLC that I'd be intereste in buying a spray skirt when they get one that fits. If the sell a cockpit cover I'd buy that, too, otherwise see if I could make one.

While you were gone, I posted a couple of longish descriptions of the Duck - the first when I saw it in the Annapolis showroom, the second when I tried it out at Demo Night. Rather than bore people by repeating myself, here's the links to those threads:

If you use the forum search function for dates since July 1st with the keyword "Duck", you'll find the whole Wood Duck story on line, including Kurt's take on it.

Have fun, get the checkbook ready,


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